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What is Invasion Cocktail?

Founded in 2014, Invasion Cocktail has grown over the years among the key players in cocktail culture in Quebec by becoming the official cocktail festival of Montreal and Quebec. Recognized on the international scene, the event has welcomed big names in mixology to Montreal over the years and is also the source of the Bartender Bootcamp, an educational competition aimed at the new generation of bartenders.

Beyond its main event, Invasion Cocktail is now an essential platform for mixology in Quebec. The platform communicates all year round by staying on the lookout for trends and brings together an ever-growing community of enthusiasts cocktails in Quebec but also in Canada.

The founders

Maryline Demandre, Co-founder and general manager

At the head of Invasion Cocktail for 7 years, Maryline devotes all her energy and time to make Invasion Cocktail a great and great unifying community in Quebec. Without compromising on the quality of the content broadcast, his greatest pride is to see the commitment and loyalty of his partners and collaborators.

Pierre Olivier Trempe – Co-founder

Among the pioneers of cocktail culture in Quebec, Pierre-Olivier was at the origin of major and above all extravagant cocktail events across the country. He is also the founder of the MadeWithLove cocktail competition and the Spiritueux Québec event.

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