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What is Invasion Cocktail?

Once again this year, we invite you to discover the cocktail culture through several events, each more exciting than the next! So save the dates, since the Invasion Cocktail festival will return from September 20 to 30 to celebrate the start of fall in style. The goal To discover exclusive cocktail creations that will be presented only ephemerally throughout the week, and thus, to discover brands of spirits and establishments. Invasion Cocktail also aims to promote education among industry professionals with Pro Days, a program of seminars given by big names in international mixology.


Maryline Demandre, co-founder

Maryline devotes all her time and energy to building a strong, passionate cocktail community around Quebec and through Invasion Cocktail, but above all, she wants to contribute to the recognition of Quebec’s cocktail scene on the international stage.

Pierre Olivier Trempe, co-founder

Dynamic, but above all authentic, Pierre-Olivier is the co-founder of MadeWithLove, Canada’s largest cocktail competition. He lives and breathes mixology!

The team

Pierre Nicod


Pierre is the cornerstone of the festival, he quickly knew how to prove himself indispensable due to his multiple talents. We don’t know how we did before his arrival!

Patricia Jeanson


Patricia is our official mixologist and her creativity has no limits to the delight of our fans! We consider ourselves really lucky to have her with us!